Retail Brokerage


Many of the largest retail brokerages rely on Blue Ocean for after hours price discovery and trade execution.  For non-US investors, this represents a special opportunity as Blue Ocean provides access to US Capital Markets during local hours 



Since 2013, Blue Ocean Technologies has been delivering data and technology to advance price discovery and efficient trade execution within the after-hours US markets

Market Makers


Virtually all core US market makers depend on Blue Ocean to expand liquidity in this marketplace

Deep & Transparent


We do ETFs and an ever-increasing pool of relevant securities right, from fully transparent access to deep data sets

Institutional investors


 Institutional firms can now access Blue Ocean via our direct datafeeds, vendor datafeeds or via our portal

Efficient & Cost Effective


Quite simply, we have overcome the issues all at a fraction of the cost of other trading venues

US after-hours trading of ETFs and related instruments